Georgia Meteorites

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To date, there are 24*
official meteorites in
the state of Georgia:

Canton (IIIAB)
Cartersville (uncl) [New]
Cedartown (IIAB)
Cleveland* (IIIAB)
Claxton (L6)
Dalton (IIIAB)
Enigma (H4)
Forsyth (L6)
Holland's Store (IIAB)
Locust Grove (IIAB)
Losttown (IID)
Lumpkin (L6)
Millen (H4)
Norristown (IIIAB)
Paulding County (IR-ung)
Pickens County (H6)
Pitts (IAB-ung)
Putnam County (IVA)
Sardis (IAB-comple)
Smithonia (IIAB)
Social Circle (IVA)
Statesboro (L5)
Thomson (L6)
Twin City (IAB-ung)
Union County (IC)

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An official listing of GA meteorites can be found on the Meteoritical Society Website.
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Lumpkin, Stone (Witnessed) Enigma (Stone) Claxton, Stone (Witnessed) Pitts, Iron (Witnessed) Millen, Stone Statesboro, Stone Sardis, Iron Twin City, Iron Forsyth, Stone (Witnessed) Norristown, Iron Thomson, Stone Locust Grove, Iron Putnam County, Iron Social Circle, Iron Smithonia, Iron Union County, Iron Canton, Iron Cleveland, iron Dalton, iron Pickens County, Stone Paulding, Iron Cedartown, Iron Holland's Store, Iron Losttown, Iron Cartersville, Stone (Witnessed) 84,104